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Custom Underground Construction Equipment

Custom heavy equipment manufacturing centers around our areas of experience and knowledge. Underground construction equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Tenbusch TBM

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), Tunneling, Box-Culvert and Pipe Jacking Systems

Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures custom heavy duty tunneling equipment. Tenbusch manufactures equipment for liner plate, box culvert, and pipe jacking applications: TBMs, tunnel shields, and pipe jacking equipment. Tenbusch manufactures spoil removal equipment such as: hydraulic excavators, conveyors, muck carts and track. Additional equipment manufactured includes backstops and attachments for auger boring machines. (More information...)

Tenbusch Sliplining Equipment

Sliplining Systems

Sliplining is generally considered as the installation of a smaller diameter pipe into a larger diameter pipeline. Tenbusch Inc. designs and fabricates heavy duty sliplining equipment for installation of medium to large diameter pipelines. This includes both single and dual push direction units. Dual push direction units install pipe in both a forward and reverse direction. (More information...)

Tenbusch Pipe Carrier

Pipe Carriers

In certain applications, the best means of installing a large diameter pipeline is to carry in and install the pipeline piece by piece. These cases typically include installation of the pipeline into an existing tunnel or pipeline where there is sufficient space available for assembly operations. Tenbusch Inc. designs and fabricates pipe carriers for large diameter pipe installation. (More information...)


TIM™ Systems

Tenbusch Inc. has developed the Tenbusch Insertion Method (TIM™) and equipment for trenchless pipe replacement. The TIM™ System allows local contractors to replace ailing underground infrastructure for both municipal and industrial applications. The TIM™ system is a unique pipe replacement (pipe bursting) method that jacks new rigid pipe in place of the existing deteriorated pipe. (More information...)

Tenbusch HPU

Hydraulic Power Units

Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures hydraulic power units (HPUs) for underground construction applications, including: tunneling and pipe jacking, sliplining, TIM™ pipe installation, and powering Tenbusch lubrication systems. Tenbusch custom hydraulic power units (HPU's) are specifically designed to meet the customer's needs and application requirements. (More information...)

Tenbusch Lube System

Lubrication Systems

Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures lubrication systems for mixing and pumping bentonite and/or polymer solutions for underground construction applications. These systems are very efficient - the mixing and pumping processes are optimized for the demanding conditions encountered in underground construction. (More information...)

Tenbusch Backstops


Tenbusch Inc. designs and fabricates backstops to stabilize and improve: tunnel and jacking, sliplining, boring, and TIM™ insertion processes. Backstops provide a large, portable, and easily transported mass which distributes thrust and minimizes deflection and drift of heavy equipment in underground operations. (More information...)

Tenbusch Infrastructure Equipment

Custom Equipment for Infrastructure Contractors

Tenbusch Inc. designs and fabricates custom equipment for infrastructure contractors. Typical equipment manufactured for infrastructure applications includes platforms and staging trailers for pipe-line operations. (More information...)

Tenbusch Infrastructure Equipment

Custom Boring Equipment for Tunneling Applications

Tenbusch Inc. designs and fabricates custom equipment for tunneling contractors to utilize existing auger boring equipment for tunneling applications. Typical equipment manufactured for tunneling applications includes tunneling shields, excavators and conveyor belts, machine adapters, and backstops (thrust walls). (More information...)