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Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)

Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures custom tunnel boring machines (TBMs) and related systems. From desktop conception to the heavy duty steel machinery delivered at the jobsite, Tenbusch produces high quality equipment. Tenbusch can supply an individual tunnel boring machine or a completely integrated TBM system based on customer needs and requirements.

Tenbusch Tunnel Boring Machine

Tunnel Boring Machines

Tenbusch Inc. manufactures custom tunnel boring machines (TBMs) to customer designs and specifications for pipe-jacking and liner plate applications. Tunnel boring machines provide several benefits:

Tenbusch Inc. designs and builds custom TBMs with removable power units.

For more information, or to learn how our tunnel boring machines can help you achieve your objectives, please contact us at Tenbusch Inc.

TBM System Components

Hydraulic Power Units for Underground Construction Applications

Hydrulic Power Unit

Hydraulic Power Units

Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures custom hydraulic power units (HPU's) for underground construction applications. Tenbusch HPU's are integral to the pipe jacking and tunneling processes, providing the following:

Tenbusch Inc. will work with your company to build the optimum hydraulic power unit that satisfies your most critical and demanding underground construction hydraulic power applications. (More information ...)

Spoil Conveyors

Shield Conveyor

Shield Conveyors

Tenbusch Inc. designs and fabricates custom tunneling and pipe jacking shield conveyors. A mechanized conveyor within the shield transports spoil from the floor of the tunnel face and conveys it up and into the muck cart. Conveyors improve productivity, and can reduce the overall cost of the tunneling project. Shield conveyors are custom built for the customer's specific requirements and job site conditions.

An added benefit of purchasing a shield conveyor is that the conveyor can be transferred to other shields for additional tunneling projects. (View video ...)

Spoil (Muck) Cart and Track

Muck Cart and Track

Muck Cart and Track

Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures custom spoil removal equipment for conventional pipe jacking and liner plate tunneling applications. Tenbusch track is designed with the following features:

A wheeled conveyor separate from the spoil bowl allows the bowl to be easily removed and dumped outside of the work pit. The bowl is designed to automatically dump when lifted by the appropriate hinged liftpoint only. A transport rack is provided for maximum utility. Quality design, function, and manufacture.

Bentonite/Polymer Lubrication Systems

Lubrication System

Underground Lubrication Systems

Tenbusch Inc. designs and manufactures custom lubrication systems for mixing and pumping underground lubricants, such as bentonite and polymer solutions. Lubricants reduce the friction load on the shield and/or pipe surfaces. Overall power and thrust requirements are diminished as the friction loads are reduced. The lubricant systems are designed for maximum utility and ease of use and can be customized as needed. Tenbusch lubricant systems are designed to work off the secondary circuit of Tenbusch hydraulic power units. (More information ...)

Backstops (Thrust Walls)

Backstops (Thrust Walls)

Backstops are a composite structure of steel and concrete designed to provide a "thrust wall" for underground construction applications. Backstops are ideally suited for jacking operations where they provide the following functions:

Another advantage of the backstop is that it is portable and easily transported from job to job. (More information ...)